Three Types of Refrigeration System for Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator

Three Types of Refrigeration System for Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator and Freezer

What is commercial glass door refrigerator and freezer?

The commercial glass door refrigerator/freezer are one of the most popular types of commercial refrigeration equipment used in the food trade not only because they perfectly preserve the freshness of perishable products. They are compact, but with wide product exposition area,  offering product presentation with strong customer appeal. The commercial refrigerator and freezer are with glass doors, now becoming much more popular as they use less energy, cost less to run and are better for the environment.

What kind of condensing unit used in commercial glass door refrigerator and freezer?

There are three types of refrigeration system:

What is Indoor Air Cooled Condensing Unit?

The indoor air cooled condensing unit adopts Horizontal Sanyo Rotary Refrigeration Compressor and low height condenser, so it is also called horizontal condensing unit or self contained condensing unit. It consists of Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor, condenser, EBM fan motor, receiver, high and low pressure switch, accumulator, one-way valve, electric box and unit plate.

Glen Refrigeration offers R404A, R448A, R449A, R455A Horizontal Air Cooled Condensing Unit below:

What are the features and advantages of Air Cooled Condensing Unit?

  • High reliability and high efficiency. Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor and EBM motor are combined to ensure the high reliability and high efficiency of the indoor condensing unit.
  • Wide evaporating temperature range. Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor are designed to provide evaporating temperature from -45°C to -5 °C for low temperature refrigeration and medium temperature refrigeration.
  • Low height and compact size. The low height and compact size of the horizontal rotary compressor make the condensing unit highly desirable in commercial refrigeration applications.
  • Liquid injection cooling technology. Liquid injection cooling technology is used to control the discharge temperature resulting in high reliability of the horizontal condensing unit.
Commercial condensing unit 3hp

Case of Installing Horizontal Condensing Unit for Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator and Freezer

What is Water-Cooled Indoor Condensing Unit?

The water-cooled indoor condensing unit is using a plate heat exchanger that removes the heat from the refrigerant vapour and transfer it to the water running through it, so it is called water-cooled condensing unit.

Glen Refrigeration’s water-cooled condensing unit features Horizontal Sanyo Rotary Refrigeration Compressor and high efficiency plate heat exchanger. It consists of Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor, plate heat exchanger, receiver, high and low pressure switch, accumulator, one-way valve, electric box and unit plate.

What is Outdoor Air Cooled Condensing Unit?

The outdoor air cooled condensing unit is also called remote condensing unit or cold room outdoor unit. As its names implies, it is installed outside of the store and is connected to the vertical refrigerated / frozen food cabinet by pipework.

Outdoor condensing units have become essential for providing remote refrigeration in the walk-in coolers and freezers used by food retailers, food-service operators, cold storage facilities and processing plants because of their low noise and no heat within the store.

Glen Refrigeration offers outdoor condensing unit-available in horsepower range from 1hp to 15hp, it is designed for low temperature and medium temperature applications, such as walk in cooler and freezers and display cases commonly found in convenience stores (c-stores), restaurants, supermarkets and cold storage facilities.

Are You Intereated in the Refrigeration Systems for Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator and Freezer?

Please click here for more details of different types of refrigeration system:

Indoor Air Cooled Condensing unit

Indoor Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Sanyo compressor outdoor condensing unit

Panasonic scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit

Copeland ZB compressor outdoor condensing unit

Copeland ZF compressor outdoor condensing unit

Copeland ZFI compressor outdoor condensing unit

Copeland ZSI compressor outdoor condensing unit

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