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We focus on different kinds of condensing units and refrigeration units for commercial refrigeration. It adopts Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor, Danfoss scroll compressor, Copeland compressor, Secop compressor and so on.

Refrigeration condensing unit for transport refrigeration

Transport Refrigeration

The future of refrigerated transport looks to be in a fast growth. The growth of the transport refrigeration is attributed to the increase trade of the perishable goods and increase demand of the chilled and frozen foods by the global market.

Mini refrigeration system

Mini Refrigeration System

The 12V/24V/48V mini dc compressors, mini condensers, mini evaporators and other refrigeration components are ideal for customer customization for mini portable air conditioner, mini water chiller, mini liquid chiller, and other mini refrigeration system.

RV air conditioner

RV Air Conditioner

Except the fixed speed RV air conditioner, variable speed RV air conditioner and DC air conditioner system for RV will be more and more popular in the market. What‘s kind of rotary compressor use for inverter RV air conditioner and DC air condition.

Truck air conditioner

Truck Parking Air Conditioner

Truck parking air conditioner is more and more popular and necessary for truck drivers. Glen Refrigeration supplies 12V dc air conditioner compressor, 24V dc compressor or 48V dc compressor different cooling capacities for your selection.

Boat air conditioner

Boat Air Conditioner

The 12V dc compressor is ideal for 12V air conditioner for boat, which make you conform on the water and no requires the generator. If you are looking for the solution of dc air conditioning system, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Commercial dehumidifier


Full series of R134A, R410A and R290 propane small rotary compressors for different types of dehumidifiers are all available. Fixed speed and variable speed rotary compressors for commercial rooftop dehumidifier are for your election.

Water source heat pump air conditioner

WHSP Air Conditioner

WHSP air conditioner is considered to have higher efficiency than air cooled air conditioner. Glen Refrigeration supplies the R410A, R32 R290 propane variable speed ac compressor for water source heat pump air conditioner.

Solar air conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy. Glen Refrigeration supplies the 48V DC compressor , which can use of the solar energy. It greatly solves the air conditioning problem of power shortage areas.

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