Refrigeration Condensing Unit

Glen refrigeration is a professional manufacturer of condensing units and refrigeration units for commercial refrigeration and transport refrigeration. It is including the refrigerator condensing unit, small condensing unit, monoblock refrigeration unit, indoor condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit, air cooled condensing unit and water-cooled condensing unit, and inverter condensing unit and so on. Customization and OEM are all available.

Refrigeration Condensing Unit

R404A Condensing Unit

The models of R404A air cooled indoor condensing unit characterized by low profile and compact size, designed for medium temperature and low temperature refrigeration equipment, this horizontal condensing unit allows a larger merchandising space for each display cabinet.

R290 Condensing Unit

Environmental friendly refrigerant R290 propane. Glen refrigeration enlarges its R290 condensing units, including R290 fixed speed and R290 variable speed condensing unit, offering with Sanyo R290 compressor, designed for medium and low temperature commercial refrigeration.

Monoblock Refrigeration Unit

Top mount monoblock chiller unit and monoblock freezer unit, adopts Secop compressor, Embraco compressor and Cubigel compressor, widely used in stainless steel commercial refrigerator, chiller and freezer. Hot gas defrosting, famous brand compressor, EBM motor.

Monoblock Refrigeration System

The models of R404A air cooled indoor condensing unit characterized by low profile and compact size, designed for medium temperature and low temperature refrigeration equipment, this horizontal condensing unit allows a larger merchandising space for each display cabinet.

Vending Machine Refrigeration Unit

Glen refrigeration has extensive experience developing customized vending machine refrigeration unit, monoblock refrigeration system design, quick and easy for customers to install. Top mounted monoblock refrigeration unit and bottom mounted refrigeration unit

Wall Mounted Refrigeration Unit

Cold room monoblock, by wall-through installation, available from 1 HP to 4 HP, power supply in 220V~240V/50Hz and 220V/60Hz. They are all pre-assembled, pre-tested, pre-charged in the factory and ready to use, help our customers save more installation cost.

Ceiling Mounted Refrigeration Unit

Ceiling monoblock cold room refrigeration unit, adopts Sanyo inverter refrigeration compressor, cooling capacity from 1 HP to 3 HP, installed on the cold room roof panel, pre-charged with refrigerant, automatic reverse cycle hot gas defrosting, MT and LT cold room possible.

Outdoor Condensing Unit

Sanyo compressor outdoor condensing unit, ranging from 1 HP to 3 HP, power supply available in 220V~240V/50Hz, single phase, 220V/60Hz, single phase and 380V/50Hz, 3 phase, design for medium temperature and low temperature cold room and freezer room.

Outdoor Condensing Unit

4~12.5 HP outdoor condensing unit adopts Panasonic scroll compressor, designed for MT and LT commercial refrigeration. Liquid injection cooling technology is used to control the discharge temperature resulting in high reliability of the condensing unit.

Copeland Condensing Unit (ZB)

Copeland condensing unit with ZB**KQE scroll compressor, design for medium temperature and high temperature cold room, provide cooling capacity from 2 HP to 25 HP, power supply available in 220V~240V/50HZ, single phase, 380V/50Hz, 3 phase and 220V/60HZ, 3 phase.

Emerson Condensing Unit (ZF)

Designed for medium and low temperature refrigeration, Glen refrigeration Emerson condensing units, adopts ZF**KQE scroll compressor, are designed to provide sustainable refrigeration for commercial refrigeration, cooling capacity ranging from 3 HP to 18 HP.

Copeland Condensing Unit (ZFI)

4 HP to 25 HP Copeland condensing unit with ZFI*KQE vapor injection Emerson scroll, are designed for medium temperature and low temperature commercial refrigeration. The vapor injection technology provides excellent cooling performance in low evaporating temperature.

Emerson Condensing Unit (ZSI)

Emerson condensing unit with ZSI**KQE scroll compressor, more competitive price than ZFI and ZF scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit, cooling capacity from 3 HP to 7 HP, power supply available in single phase 220V/50Hz and 3 phase 380V/50Hz.

Inverter Condensing Unit

Pursuing the objectives of efficiency, Glen Refrigeration offers inverter outdoor condensing unit from 3 HP to 10 HP, Features Sanyo inverter refrigeration compressor, Panasonic variable speed refrigeration compressor, Hitachi inverter refrigeration compressor.

Parallel-compressor Outdoor Unit

The parallel-compressor outdoor condensing unit is composed of one INVERTER Panasonic scroll compressor and one FIXED SPEED Panasonic scroll compressor to handle the refrigeration load from individual pieces of equipment. The cooling capacity is from 12 HP to 18 HP.

R404A Water Cooled Condensing Unit

The 1 HP to 3 HP R404A water cooled condensing unit are perfect for supermarket refrigerated display cases where air-cooled condensing units would not be practical. These units provide an economical, compact alternative to traditional air-cooled condensing units.

Glen refrigeration offers R290 propane water cooled condensing unit for positive and negative temperature commercial refrigeration, designed for quiet and high efficiency operation, that replace traditional layout of compressor racks and long refrigerant distribution lines.

Inverter Water-cooled Condensing Unit

Low profile inverter water cooled condensing unit adopts Sanyo DC inverter compressor with intelligent inverter and control, guarantees the best operating conditions for each dependent unit, yielding up to 25% energy savings in comparision to other systems.

Copeland Water Cooled Condensing Unit

Copeland water cooled condensing units have a wide range of ZB**KQE series, ZF**KQE series and ZFI**KQE series, customers can choose according to different refrigeration applications. The largest cooling capacity of Copeland water cooled condensing unit is 10 HP.

Inverter Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Inverter water cooled condensing unit, this solution can be connected to various refrigeration equipment like multideck, semi verticals, freezer cabinets, also cold rooms and freezer rooms. Inverter technology brings exceptional results in terms of energy efficiency.  

Hot Gas Defrosting System

Glen Refrigeration’s hot gas defrosting refrigeration system, widely used in fruit ripening chamber, mushroom growing room, provides a fast and efficient defrosting performance alternative to electric defrost systems, thus it can help end users to save more money.

Cold Room Evaporator

Selecting the matched cold room evaporator for an outdoor condensing unit is very important. Glen refrigeration offers DD, DJ series cold room evaporator for cold room and freezer room. Inner grooved copper tube, fins are produced from high-grade aluminum……

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