The Main Problems of the Cold Storage Refrigeration System

Cold storage refrigeration solution

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We would like to share some common problems of cold storage refrigeration systems.

Refrigerant leakage:

If the refrigerant leaks in the refrigeration system, the phenomenal is the cooling capacity is insufficient. The discharge and suction pressure is low. You can hear a squeak much larger than usual from the expansion valve. The evaporator does not frost or frosted a little. If you increase the hole of expansion valve, the suction pressure has no big change. The system balance pressure is generally lower than the normal pressure corresponding to the same ambient temperature.
Method: It can’t be fill in the refrigerant to the system in a hurry after leakage, but should immediately find out the leakage. Then fill in the refrigerant after repair.

Too much refrigerants:

If the refrigerant is too much, it will take up a certain volume of the condenser; reduce the heat dissipation area, so the refrigeration effect decreases. The suction pressure and discharge pressure are generally higher than the normal pressure value. The cooling speed in the cold storage room is slow.
Method: According to the operating procedure, the excess refrigerant should be released from the high pressure stop valve after of shutdown for a few minutes, and the residual air in the system can be released at this time.

There is air in the refrigeration system:

The air in the refrigeration system will reduce the cooling efficiency. The suction and discharge pressure re will increase (But the discharge pressure has not exceed the rated value). The temperature from the compressor discharge outlet to the condenser inlet will increase significantly. Because there is air in the refrigeration system, the discharge pressure and discharge temperature will increase.
Method: The air can be released continuously from the high pressure stop valve for several times after a few minutes of shutdown, and some refrigerant can be properly filled according to the actual situation.

Low efficiency of refrigeration compressor:

This phenomenon occurs in the refrigeration compressor after using for long time.
Method: Check the refrigeration compressor.

Too much frost on the evaporator:

When there is too much frost on the evaporator, the frost on the evaporator getting thicker and thicker, the heat transfer will be seriously affected, resulting in the temperature in the cold storage room falling below the required range.
Method: Shutdown to defrost, open the cold storage room door to allow air circulation. It also can use the fans, reduce the defrosting time. Do not use iron, wood rod and other knock frost layer, to prevent the damage of the evaporator pipeline.

There is oil in the evaporator pipeline:

In the refrigeration cycle, some oil will remain in the evaporator pipeline. After using for long time, there is more oil left in the evaporator, the heat transfer will be seriously affected, and the cooling effect will also reduced.
Method: Remove the oil from the evaporator. Take down the evaporator, blow wash and then dry. If it is not easy to disassemble, it can be blown out with a compressor from the inlet of the evaporator.

Refrigeration system is not smooth:

Due to the refrigeration system has not been clean up, there is dirt in the filter after using for long time. The flow of refrigerant will be reduced and the cooling effect will also be affected. The filter screen of the expansion valve and the suction tube are also slightly blocked.

Frozen and block of expansion valve hole:

(1) The main parts of the refrigeration system are not properly dried;
(2) The whole refrigeration system is not completely vacuumed;
(3) The moisture content of refrigerant exceeds the standard.
Method: Change the filter dryer.

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