Self-contained vs Remote Refrigeration Unit: Which is best for your commercial refrigeration equipment?

Self contained vs remote refrigeration

Condensing unit and refrigeration unit are the core parts of a commercial refrigeration equipment. There are two kinds of refrigeration condensing units and refrigeration units, that is self-contained and remote. They all provide suitable and efficiency refrigeration solutions for commercial refrigeration. Self-contained vs Remote Refrigeration Unit, what’s best for your commercial refrigeration equipment? Let’s get started with their pros and cons.

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Self Contained Condensing Unit or Self Container Refrigeration Unit

What Is Self Contained Condensing Unit?

The self contained condensing unit is installed inside of the refrigeration equipment; so it is also called indoor condensing unit. Glen Refrigeration offers refrigerator condensing unit and horizontal condensing unit.

Refrigerator Condensing Unit

The Refrigerator condensing unit is one kind of self contained condensing unit, including refrigerator compressor, fin tube condenser, condenser fan motor, filter and base panel.

Glen Refrigeration offers Secop compressor condensing unit, Embraco compressor condensing unit and Cubigel (Huyi) compressor condensing unit.

R290 is a natural and environmental friendly refrigerant. It has zero ODP and 3 GWP. Due to meet the requirements of the new European Ecodesign Directive, R290 Condensing Unit widely used to replace R134A condensing unit and R404a condensing unit.

Glen Refrigeration began to design the R290 condensing unit and refrigeration system from 2015, started to produce from 2018. We have rich experience in designing and producing R290 condensing unit for commercial refrigeration. If you are interested in R290 condensing unit, feel free to contact us.

The refrigerator condensing unit widely used in beverage cooler, upright freezer for ice cream or frozen food, ice maker, commercial kitchen appliance, cold room, refrigerated island, horizontal freezer and so on.

Horizontal Condensing Unit

The horizontal condensing unit refers to the horizontal refrigeration compressor condensing unit. Because adoption of horizontal rotary refrigeration compressor, the condensing unit has advantages of low height and compact size.

The horizontal condensing unit is an air cooled indoor condensing unit, integrated the refrigeration compressor, condenser, condenser fan motor, receiver, high and low pressure, accumulator, one-way valve, and base panel.

Main Pros:

(1) High Efficiency and High Reliability. It adopts Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor and EBM motor.

(2) Wide Evaporating Temperature. The evaporating temperature range is from -5 to -45.

(3) Low Height and Compact Size. The total height of the condensing unit is only 261mm, the same condensing unit can used in medium temperature and also low temperature application.

(4) Wide Voltage Operation. The working voltage is 200V~240V.

(5) Low Vibration and Low Noise. Sanyo horizontal refrigeration features dynamically balanced technology, balancing machines by rotating parts quickly, so the condensing unit has low vibration and low noise.

Main Cons:

(1) Can get warm, heating the shop environment considerably

The horizontal condensing unit widely used in commercial display fridges, glass door display freezer, refrigerated produce display cases and so on.

What Is Self Contacted Refrigeration Unit?

The Self Contained Refrigeration Unit house all components, such as refrigerator compressor, condenser, condenser fan motor, receiver, capillary or expansion valve, evaporator, evaporator fan motor, and other refrigeration parts. It is a packaged refrigeration unit, also called plug in refrigeration unit or drop in refrigeration unit.

Glen Refrigeration offers Top Mount Monoblock Refrigeration Unit, Side Mount Monoblock Refrigeration Unit, Bottom Mount Monoblock Refrigeration Unit, Wall Mount Refrigeration Unit, including self contained cooling unit, self contained freezer unit, vending machine refrigeration unit, self contained walk in freezer unit and so on.

What’s The Application of Monoblock Refrigeration Unit?

Top Mount Monoblock Refrigeration Unit: used for upright freezer, kitchen commercial refrigerator.

Side Mount Monoblock Refrigeration Unit: used for undercounter refrigerator, worktop freezer.

Bottom Mount Monoblock Refrigeration Unit: used for refrigerated vending machine.

Wall Mount Refrigeration Unit: used for small and medium size cold room, freezer room, walk in freezer and walk in cooler.

What’s The Difference of Self Contained Condensing Unit Vs. Self Contained Refrigeration Unit?

The self contained condensing unit is a part of a refrigeration system, it is not including the evaporator; while the self contained refrigeration unit is a complete refrigeration system, it is including the evaporator coil.

Remote Condensing Unit Refrigeration

What Is Remote Condensing Unit?

The remote condensing unit refers to the condensing unit installed outside of the commercial refrigeration unit or outside of the building. It is also called outdoor refrigeration condensing unit.

Main Pros:

(1) Separating condensing unit from the refrigerating cabinet helps reducing the noise and room temperature.

(2) Tend to offer larger internal storage space of the refrigerated cooler than self contained units.

(3) Wide cooling capacity range from 1 HP to 15 HP for customers’ different requirements.

Main Cons:

(1) Involve more work to install, service and maintain.

The remote condensing unit widely used in supermarkets and grocery stores. Because there are lots of commercial coolers, the remote condensing unit can keep heating and noise to a minimum.

Besides, the remote condensing unit widely used in medium and large cold rooms, freezer rooms, walk in coolers and walk in freezers.

Copeland condensing unit for cold room freezer room walk in cooler walk in freezer

Glen Refrigeration-A leading Condensing Unit and Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

Glen Refrigeration offers Outdoor Refrigeration Condensing Unit with cooling capacity from 1 HP to 15 HP, including Sanyo compressor outdoor condensing unit, Panasonic compressor outdoor condensing unit, Copeland ZB compressor outdoor condensing unit, Copeland ZF compressor outdoor condensing unit, Copeland ZFI compressor outdoor condensing unit, Copeland ZSI compressor outdoor condensing unit.

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