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What Is Water Dispenser Cooling?

The Water Dispenser Cooling is a compressor cooling system for water dispenser or water cooler. It is a compressor refrigeration system, including the small condensing unit and evaporator coil, used to cool water for drinking purpose. There are three main types of water dispense cooler on the market:

  • Storage type water cooler
  • Instantaneous type water cooler
  • Bottle type water cooler

What Is Storage Type Water Cooler?

The storage type water cooler is consist of a small cooling system and a stainless steel tank.

The tank is used to storage the water, surrounded by an evaporator coil through which flows a low-temperature liquid refrigerant which takes away the heat of water then makes it cold.

The water dispenser cooling system consists of a compact condensing unit and evaporator coil. The condensing unit is installed in the bottom of the storage water cooler, including the refrigerator compressor, condenser, condenser fan motor, filter, capillary. The evaporator coil is surrounded the water tank.


How Is Storage Type Water Dispenser Cooling?

The figures above shows the storage type water dispenser cooling system structure diagram , it is a vapour compression refrigeration system, consisting of refrigerator compressor, condenser, condenser fan motor, filter, capillary, and evaporator coil.

The vapour compression cooling system consists of compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation.

In the compression stage, the refrigerator compressor is to compress the R134A refrigerant or R290 refrigerant to high temperature high pressure vapour. Then the high temperature high pressure vapor refrigerant leaves the compressor, enter into the condenser.

In the condensation stage, the condenser will convert the high temperature high-pressure refrigerant to a high-pressure liquid refrigerant by transferring the heat to the air by the fan motor.

In the expansion stage, the capillary tube will control the refrigerant flow by the pressure drop across it in a refrigeration system. The refrigerant changes its state to low-pressure liquid and vapor mixed refrigerant.

In the evaporation stage, this low-pressure low temperature refrigerant in the evaporator coil extracts the heat from the water of tank. The refrigerant evaporates and the water temperature reduces.

Refrigerator compressor: Compressor is one of the most important components of a vapour compression refrigeration system. Piston compressor and small rotary compressor (also called reciprocating compressor) mainly used in water dispenser cooling system. The main refrigerant used in water dispenser cooling system is R290 or R134A.

Condenser: The fin tube air cooled condenser mainly used in water dispenser cooling.

Capillary: Capillary is one kind of expansion device, mainly used in small cooling system.

Evaporator coil: The copper evaporator coil provide direct cooling surrounded the water tank. The heat of water is take up by the refrigerant flow through evaporator coil and gets evaporated.

What Is Instantaneous Type Water Cooler?

In an instantaneous type water cooler, the evaporator consists of two separate cylindrical wound coils made of copper or stainless tube. The stainless steel tube is for water; the copper coil is as cooling coil for refrigerant. When the water enters into the stainless coil, the refrigerant in the evaporator coil takes the heat away from the water. The water gets cooled by the cooling coil instantaneously.

How is Instantaneous Type Water Dispenser Cooling? How is Water Cooled In A Instantaneous Type Water Cooler?

The water in instantaneous type water cooler is cooled by a vapour refrigeration absorption system same as the storage type water cooler. The main difference is storage type water cooler has a tank, the evaporator coil is wrapped the storage tank; while the instantaneous type water cooler has not. In the instantaneous type water cooler, the evaporator coil is directly wounded on the stainless coil. When the low temperature liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator coil, the water in the stainless coil will be cooled directly.

What Does Instantaneous Water Dispenser Cooling System Consist Of?

The instantaneous water dispenser cooling system is including the refrigerator compressor, air cooled condenser, fan motor, filter, expansion device (generally use capillary), evaporator coil.

Compressor: Compressor plays a vital role in refrigeration system. It likes a pump, absorbs the vapor low pressure vapor refrigerant then compress it to high temperature and high pressure vapour refrigerant.

The water dispenser compressor generally use small refrigerator compressor or small rotary compressor.

Condenser: The water dispenser condenser is a small fin tube coil heat exchanger. It receives the high temperature high-pressure gas from the compressor and convert this gas to a liquid.

Filter: The filter mainly play the role of impurity filtration.

Expansion device: The water cooler generally uses capillary as the expansion device.

Evaporator coil: The liquid refrigerant received from capillary tube flows through evaporator coil, absorbs the heat from the stainless coil of water, while the water temperature is reduced by heat conduction.

Bottle Type Water Cooler

For bottle type water cooler, the water is supplied by the bottle tipped upside down and set onto the dispenser.

Glen Refrigeration-Your Partner and Supplier of Water Dispenser Cooling System

As leading manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration condensing unit manufacturers, Glen refrigeration offers refrigerator condensing unit for water dispenser cooler. The refrigerator condensing unit is consisting of R290 compressor, high efficiency fin tube condenser, EBM fan motor, filter dryer.

Glen Refrigeration-Water Dispenser Compressor Supplier

Glen Refrigeration also offers water dispenser compressor, mini water cooler compressor, Small condensing unit, DC condensing unit, mini condensing unit and custom refrigeration solutions for water dispenser and water cooler.

Water Dispenser Compressor

  • The refrigerator compressor and small rotary compressor mainly used in water dispenser or water cooler.
  • Refrigerator compressor: Glen refrigeration’s refrigerator condensing unit mainly use Cubigel compressor (Huayi compressor), Embraco compressor for water dispenser or water cooler.

Small Rotary Compressor

Glen Refrigeration offers small rotary compressors for small air conditioning, small dehumidifier, small air cooling system, water dispenser, water cooler.

  • R134A small rotary compressor
  • R410A small ac compressor
  • R290 compressor

Mini Water Cooler Compressor

Glen Refrigeration offers mini compressors for mini water cooler.

  • 12V mini compressor
  • 24V mini compressor
  • 48V mini compressor
  • Small ac compressor

Small Condensing Unit

Glen Refrigeration manufactures refrigerator condensing unit including

  • Cubigel compressor condensing unit
  • Embraco compressor condensing unit
  • Secop compressor condensing unit

DC Condensing Unit

The DC condensing unit integrated with 12V mini compressor, 24V miniature compressor and 48V micro compressor for water dispenser.

Mini Condensing Unit

The mini condensing unit integrated mini dc compressor or mini ac compressor for cooling system for water dispenser.

Custom Refrigeration Solution

Glen Refrigeration also offers custom refrigeration solutions for most customers’ specific applications.

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