Which is the Best Location for an Outdoor Condensing Unit?

Outdoor condensing unit is one of the most important parts of commercial refrigeration system, while the installation of an outdoor condensing unit also plays a important role. The outdoor condenser unit is separated from the refrigerated cabinet or the cold room, generally it is installed outside of a cold storage room or the building , so the selection of the right location for an outdoor condensing unit is extremely important.

Here are some tips on where and how to install the condenser outdoor unit:

Look For Easy Installation And Maintenance Place

The condenser outdoor unit should be installed in a easy installation, easy maintenance place.

The outdoor refrigeration condensing units need routine maintenance, please put it in a place that is easy to service and repair. Routine maintenance typically includes regular inspection and machine servicing below:

Air Cooled Condenser Maintenance

  • Whether the motor and fan blades rotates normally without vibration and friction.
  • Whether the condenser fins are dusty. Generally after using two months, the surface of the outdoor unit condenser will be blocked by dust or dirt, which will cause the condensing temperature and condensing pressure to rise. In order to save the electricity and achieve the better refrigeration effect, please clean the dust and dirty by a water cleaning gun in time. For more details, please click here: How to clean outdoor condenser unit.

Refrigeration Cycle Maintenance

  • Observe whether the high and low pressure are within the normal range
  • Use the sight glass to observe the flow of the refrigerant, whether there is moisture, and whether there is a lack of refrigerant.
  • Check whether the fixed position of the refrigerant pipe is loose or vibrated.
  • If the insulation layer of the refrigerant pipeline is damaged, it should be repaired in time.

Electrical Control Part Maintenance

  • Whether the contactor is loose or damaged
  • Test the current with a clamp ammeter, whether it is within the normal range
  • Whether the relay and electronic components are damaged

Look for A Well-Ventilated Place

Try to look for a well-ventilated place, avoiding of rain and not exposed to sunlight directly, ensure the outdoor condensing unit condenser has a good ventilation.

If the condenser airflow is blocked, which will elevate the condensing temperature and pressure.  

Pay Attention to:

Avoid the places that raise animals and plant flowers and trees.

Avoid the places where flammable and explosive gas leakage may occur.

Avoid the places that air flow direction facing the strong wind.

Avoid the places that with corrosive gases (seawater chemical treatment, drying furnace, automobile exhaust, etc.).

Avoid the places where oil, fallen leaves, and insects gather to prevent blockage of the outdoor unit condenser;

Select the place with good ground drainage. After defrosting, the water of the unit should be drained, and drainage construction should be done if necessary.

Select the places that don’t disturb the neighbors. Please do not face the air outlet of the outdoor unit condenser to the neighbor’s window to avoid noise impact.

Select the place without accumulated snow. When the air cooled condenser outdoor unit is installed in cold areas, take corresponding measures to prevent snow accumulation, freezing and frosting in winter.

Select the places with sufficient strength to bear the weight of the outdoor refrigeration condensing units.

Installation Case

Case No. 1

Case No. 2

Case No. 3

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