Vending Machine Refrigeration System and Compressor

Glen Refrigeration is committed to design and produce refrigeration unit and compressors for vending machine. We offer custom refrigeration system solutions for vending machine.

  • R134a vending machine cooling system
  • R290 vending machine cooling system
Vending machine refrigeration system and compressor Glen Refrigeration

Different Types of Refrigerated Vending Machine

R290 Vending Machine Cooling System /  R134A Vending Machine Cooling System

Frozen Food Vending Machine

The frozen food vending machine are for products like frozen meet, ice cream, frozen pizzas, ready meals, frozen fish, and so on, needing a control temperature between -18°C to -22°C.

Refrigerated Vending Machine

The refrigerated vending machine are for products like sandwiches, cheese, milk, yogurt, salami, sauces, fruit, vegetables and so on, needing a control temperature between 1°C to 3°C.

Cold Drink Vending Machine

The cold drink vending machine is for selling cold drinks,like soda, water, teat, energy drinks and so on, needing a temperature between 2°C to 8°C.

Milk Vending Machine

The milk vending machine is for direct selling of raw milk and pasteurized mill to consumer, needing a constant temperature between 1°C to 4°C.

Vending Machine Refrigeration

If want a refrigerated vending machine or frozen food vending machine, a Vending Machine Cooling System is a necessary.The vending machine cooling system is a vapour compression refrigeration system, which is including the vending machine compressor, condenser, capillary, evaporator coil. 

R134a R290 vending machine refirgeration cooling system
R290 vending machine refrigeration cooling system
Good quality of 1.5 hp cooler condensing unit

Easy to Install

Integrated design, easy for customer to install.

Good quality of 1.5 hp cooler condensing unit

High Quality

Famous brand compressor and EBM motor.

Good quality of 1.5 hp cooler condensing unit

Compact Size

Suitable for different vending machines.

Vending Machine Compressor Cooling System Work

The vending machine compressor cooling system comprises a evaporator coil, a condenser, a vending machine compressor, a throttling component and a connecting pipeline. The vending machine compressor and the condenser are fixed on a base plate. The evaporator base plate is installed over the condenser and vending machine compressor. They are integrated into a monoblock unit by supporting frame.

The refrigeration cycle of the compressor cooling system is to compress low-pressure steam refrigerant into high-pressure steam refrigerant through the vending machine compressor, then enters the condenser, and finally is condensate into a high-pressure liquid refrigerant though the condenser, and then throttled to a low-pressure liquid refrigerant. The liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator, then evaporates into low-pressure steam refrigerant and returns to the inlet of the compressor again, which completes a cycle of the cooling system.

Monoblock refrigeration system diagram

Leading Vending Machine Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer and Provider

Glen Refrigeration, as a leading condensing unit and monoblock refrigeration unit manufacturer and provider, we offers the frozen food vending machine and refrigerated vending machine industry’s most comprehensive range integrated, full-line vending machine cooling system. Our mission is to serve the vending machine industry with the most customer-focused refrigeration system solutions and innovations. Our sole focus is helping customers keep ahead in vending machine industry. With advanced design and rich experience in vending machine industry, Glen refrigeration is one of the most reliable names in vending machine parts supplier.

Vending machine refrigeration unit production
Vending machine refrigeration cooling system production
Vending machine refrigeration system production

Vending Machine Cooling System Features

Leading manufacturer of cooler refrigeration unit

Easy to Install

The integrated design of the vending machine compressor and cooling system is easy for customers to install and improves the customer’s production efficiency.

High Quality Performance

Glen Refrigeration vending machine cooling system features Embraco or Cubigel compressor and EBM fan motor, ensures the high quality performance of the refrigeration system.

Compact Size

Integrated the condensing unit and evaporator into a compact refrigeration unit cooling system, suitable for different refrigerated vending machine.

Provide custom refrigeration solution

Customized refrigeration solution

Glen Refrigeration can provide custom cool refrigeration solutions according to customer’s different applications of refrigerated vending machine .

Monoblock refrigeration unit for vending machine

Vending Machine Refrigeration Unit

The bottom-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit is installed in the bottom of the vending machine, well suited for most of cold drink vending machines.

  • Refrigerant: R134A, R290
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 115V/60HZ
  • Temperature: 1°C to 4°C or 2°C to 8°C
  • Defrost mode: Air fan cooling
  • Compressor: Embraco compressor or Cubigel Compressor
  • Fan motor: EBM
  • Customization: Available

Vending Machine Refrigeration Unit

The top mounted refrigeration unit is installed on the roof of vending machine, well suited for milk vending machines, frozen food vending machines and so on.

  • Refrigerant: R404A, R290
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 115V/60HZ
  • Temperature: -18°C to -22°C
  • Defrost mode: Hot gas
  • Compressor: Embraco compressor or Secop Compressor
  • Fan motor: EBM
  • Customization: Available

Vending Machine Cooling System

Application & Installation

The monoblock refrigeration unit is perfectly suit for vending machine because the packaged refrigeration unit design is easy and quick to install.

Vending machine refrigeration unit installation
Vending machine cooling system installation
Vending machine refrigeration system installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of vending machine use R134A refrigerant and R290 refrigerant. R134a is a potent greenhouse gases with high GWP, while R290 GWP is only 3. R290 is a environmental friendly refrigerant for vending machine cooling system.

Vending machine keeps drink cold and frozen food freezing through the process of compressor refrigeration system.

There is a temperature sensor inside the of vending machine refrigerated space, when the temperature rises, the temperature sensor will send a signal to the control panel. Then the control panel will send a electric signal to the reply, which control the vending machine refrigeration system on and off.

R290 is the best refrigerant to replace R134A. R290 refrigerant has the many advantages used in vending machine cooling system.

  • Environmental friendly
  • High efficiency
  • Low refrigerant charge

Yes, Glen Refrigeration offers R290 condensing unit and refrigeration unit for many years, they are widely used in vending machine.

Glen Refrigeration offers vending machine cooling unit with different voltages, they are available for 220V~240V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ and 115V/60HZ. We provide custom refrigeration system solutions according to customer’s requirements.

The compressor most commonly used in vending machine is piston compressor. Glen Refrigeration offers Embraco compressor, Secop compressor, Cubigel compressor cooling unit for vending machine.

  • The compressor
  • The condenser
  • The expansion device
  • The evaporator

Glen Refrigeration provides the vending machine cooling system with integrated design. The condensing unit and evaporator coil are integrated into a compact monoblock refrigeration unit. The vending machine compressor and the condenser are fixed on a base plate. The evaporator base plate is installed over the condenser and vending machine by the support frame.

While the vending machine cooling deck is a simple cooling system. There is also not any support frame between the condensing unit and evaporator.

We highly recommend monoblock vending machine cooling system. The monoblock vending machine cooling unit has many advantages over then vending machine compressor cooling deck.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Integrated design and Compact size
  • Good for package and transport

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