Self-contained refrigerated display cabinet

Condensing Unit for Self-Contained Display Cabinet

Self-contained display cabinet is a refrigerated display cases with a built-in condensing unit (also called indoor condensing unit).

In supermarket, some self-contained display cabinets are with indoor condensing units and some are with outdoor condensing units.

But in some small retail shop, the self-contained display cabinet with indoor condensing unit is suitable. They usually used for storage frozen and low-temperature chilled food.

As opposed to indoor condensing unit refrigerated display cases, there are also refrigerated display cases with remote outdoor condensing unit.

The low temperature condensing unit is the key to the refrigerated display cases.

Glen Refrigeration offers the R404A R290 rotary refrigeration compressor and horizontal indoor condensing unit for the self-contained refrigerated display cabinets.

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Features and Benefits:

  • The adoption of Sanyo horizontal refrigeration compressor and EBM motor makes the condensing unit with high reliability, which is most important for commercial refrigeration.
  • The wide temperature range from 0°C to -45°C make the condensing unit suitable for medium temperature refrigeration equipments and also low temperature refrigeration equipment.
  • Low compact and low height of the indoor condensing unit ensures the largest volume of the self-contained display cabinet.
  • Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor equipped the liquid cooling injection tube, which can reduce the compressor motor and ensures the high reliability when it works under high ambient temperature continuously.

Raelated Products

The rotary refrigeration compressor is the rotary compressor used in low temperature (LBP) or medium temperature (MBP) refrigeration equipments. Glenwin offers R404A, R448A, R449A, R290 fixed speed refrigeration compressor and variable speed refrigeration compressor for your selection.

Glenwin offers air cooled indoor condensing unit adopts Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor and EBM motor, ensures the condensing unit with high reliability for your refrigerated displace cases. It has high efficiency, low height and compact size.

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