Milk cooling tank

Milk Cooling Tank

The new squeezed milk is about 38°C, it should be storage in milk cooling tank, otherwise it is easy and fast to go bad. The milk storage temperature is 4°C. Dairy farmers need to storage the milk in a cooling tank to keep it fresh. So it needs a refrigeration condensing unit to reduce the temperature from 38°C to 4°C, then keep a constant temperature. The outdoor condensing unit is a best choice for the milk cooling tank.

Glen Refrigeration offers Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor outdoor condensing unit, Panasonic scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit, Emerson scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit, Danfoss scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit.

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The 1.5hp to 3hp outdoor condensing unit adopts the Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor. Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor has the features of high reliability and high efficiency. Sanyo is a famous and professional manufacturer of rotary compressor for air conditioning and commercial refrigeration.

  • Products: Outdoor condensing unit
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ and 220V/60HZ
  • Cooling capacity: 1.5hp to 3hp

The 4hp to 15hp outdoor condensing unit adopts Panasonic scroll compressor or Danfoss scroll compressor or Emerson Copeland scroll compressor. It has medium temperature outdoor condensing unit and also low temperature outdoor condensing unit. We also can customize according to customer’s special requirements.

  • Products: Outdoor condensing unit
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Cooling capacity: 4hp to 15hp

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