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Medium Temp Condensing Unit for Commercial Refrigeration

Including: R404A horizontal condensing unit / R290 horizontal condensing unit / Water-cooled condensing unit / Sanyo compressor outdoor condensing unit / Panasonic compressor outdoor condensing unit / ZB compressor Emerson outdoor condensing unit

R404A Horizontal Condensing Unit

The horizontal condensing unit is a medium temp condensing unit and also low temp condensing unit, featuring Sanyo CRSS compressor, combined with liquid injection technology, designed for medium temperature refrigeration also low temperature refrigeration, available in 3/4 HP condensing unit, 1 HP condensing unit, 1.5 HP condensing unit, 2 HP condensing unit, 2.5 HP condensing unit and 3 HP condensing unit.

3/4 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN7.5EL (220V~240V/50HZ)

1 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN10EL (220V~240V/50HZ)

1.5 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN15EL (220V~240V/50HZ)

2 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN20EL (220V~240V/50HZ)

2.5 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN25EL (220V~240V/50HZ)

3 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN30EL (220V~240V/50HZ)

2 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN20FL (380V/50HZ 3 Phase)

3 HP Condensing Unit GL-HSN30FL (380V/50HZ 3 Phase)

ECO Friendly R290 Condensing Unit

R290 compressors are recognized for bringing an extra ECO friendly refrigeration in air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Glen refrigeration offers R290 condensing unit, featuring Sanyo R290 fixed speed refrigeration compressor and variable speed compressor, proving the cooling capacity from 3/4 HP to 2 HP for medium temp refrigeration and low temp refrigeration, is a ideal replacement of R404A condensing unit and R134A condensing unit.

3/4 HP R290 condensing unit

1.5 HP R290 condensing unit

2 HP R290 condensing unit

Water-cooled Condensing Unit Water Loop System

Water cooled condensing unit, the ideal solution for commercial refrigeration where water is readily available. Water loop refrigeration system has been gaining ground in commercial refrigeration market, involving variable speed water cooled condensing unit.

Water Cooled Condensing Unit

(Fixed Speed)

Water Cooled Condensing Unit

(Variable Speed)

Water Cooled Condensing Unit

(Fixed Speed)

Water Cooled Condensing Unit

(Variable Speed)

Outdoor Condensing Unit for Medium Temp Refrigeration

The 1 HP through 25 HP outdoor condensing unit product line features Sanyo refrigeration rotary compressor, Panasonic scroll compressor, Emerson scroll compressor. These condensing units are both medium temp condensing unit and low temp condensing unit. It is perfect for applications such as walk in cooler and freezers and display cases commonly found in convenience stores (c-stores), restaurants, supermarkets and cold storage facilities. These units provide high reliability and energy efficiency refrigeration solutions.

Sanyo compressor outdoor condensing unit

(Fixed Speed)

Panasonic compressor outdoor condensing unit

(Variable Speed)

Emerson compressor outdoor condensing unit

(Fixed Speed)

Inverter Outdoor Condensing Unit

(Variable Speed)

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