Ice cream cabinet

Ice Cream Cabinet

The ice cream cabinet is a kind of commercial refrigeration equipment to display ice creams. In order to keep the flavor of the ice cream, the storage temperature of the ice cream cabinet is very important. The best storage temperature of ice cream is -22°C, so a low temp refrigeration compressor condensing unit is a must. The low temp condensing unit have to provide the low evaporating temperature during low back-pressure (LBP) conditions.

Glen Refrigeration offers R404A R290 small condensing unit and R404A R290 horizontal condensing unit for ice cream cabinet.

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The small condensing unit adopts R404A and R290 Secop compressor, EMB motor and high efficiency finned tube condenser. The Secop compressor has the advantages of high reliability. It is available for 220V~240V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ and 115V/60HZ. We also can customize according to customer’s special requirements.

The horizontal condensing unit adopts Sanyo horizontal rotary refrigeration compressor and EBM motor. It has the benefits of high efficiency, wide evaporating temperature, low height and compact size and so on.

  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ or 230V/60HZ
  • Evaporating temperature: -45°C to -5°C
  • Cooling Capacity: From 0.75HP to 3HP

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