2.5 hp Refrigeration Compressor for Medium and Low Temp Refrigeration

C-3RHV359L4AAL is a horizontal rotary refrigeration compressor, R404A, cooling capacity 2.5 hp, for medium temperature refrigeration and low temperature refrigeration. It is Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor, with liquid injection cooling, designed for MBP and LBP. Glen Refrigeration offers full series of R404A compressor and R290 compressor for commercial refrigeration.

  • Model: C-3RHV359L4AAL
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ, Single Phase
  • Refrigerant: R404A, R448A, R449A
  • Horsepower: 2.5 HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 2350 W (at Evaporating Temp. -23.3°C)
  • Evaporating temperature range: -5~-45°C
  • Height: 222mm
  • Application: MBP & LBP

High Reliability

High reliable design in rotary refrigeration compressor design.

High Efficiency

Leading the way in high efficiency for commercial refrigeration.

Low Height

Make the indoor condensing unit low height and compact size .

Glen Refrigeration, a Leading Condensing Unit and Monoblock Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer in China

Glen Refrigeration is not only a reliable provider of Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor, but also professionally manufactures condensing units and monoblock refrigeration units for commercial refrigeration. Our main goal is to meet our customer’s demands for refrigeration systems with high reliability and high efficiency, and minimum service and maintenance costs. After years of experience, we know what our customers need, and we are more than qualified to provide the best service imaginable, and guarantee our customers satisfaction.

The products range includes refrigerator condensing unit, horizontal condensing unit, indoor condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit, air cooled condensing unit, water cooled condensing unit, monoblock refrigeration unit, inverter condensing unit and many other products.

2.5 hp Refrigeration Compressor C-3RHV359L4AAL Drawing

2.5 hp Refrigeration Compressor C-3RHV359L4AAL Drawing

Horizontal Refrigeration Compressor Installation

Refrigeration System Diagram

Refrigeration system diagram

Other Models of Horizontal Refrigeration Compressor

1/2 HP Refrigeration Compressor


Vertical 2.5 HP Refrigeration Compressor

  • Model: C-3RV359L4AAL   
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ, Single Phase
  • Refrigerant: R404A, R448A, R449A
  • Horsepower: 2.5 HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 2350W (at Evaporating Temp. -23.3°C)
  • Evaporating temperature range: -5~-45°C
  • Height: 457.3 mm
  • Application: MBP & LBP
R404a vertical refrigeration rotary compressor

Vertical Refrigeration Compressor Application

Other Models of Vertical Refrigeration Compressor

3/4 HP Refrigeration Compressor


1 HP Refrigeration Compressor


1.5 HP Refrigeration Compressor


2 HP Refrigeration Compressor


2.5 HP Refrigeration Compressor


3 HP Refrigeration Compressor


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R290, is a ECO-friendly replacement of CFC & HFC refrigerants in refrigeration & HVACR. Glen Refrigeration offers R290 non inverter compressor and R290 inverter compressor for commercial refrigeration.

Variable Speed Refrigeration Compressor

Designed for energy saving, Glen refrigeration offers Sanyo variable speed compressor for commercial refrigeration, including R404A variable speed refrigeration compressor and R290 inverter compressor.

Commercial Refrigeration Compressor Applications:

The refrigeration compressor is a rotary vane compressor, design for medium temperature commercial refrigeration and low temperature commercial refrigeration. The liquid injection cooling of the rotary vane compressor is used to control the discharge temperature resulting in high reliability of rotary refrigeration compressor. The horizontal structure design of the compressor make the horizontal condensing unit low height and compact size, highly desirable in commercial refrigeration applications.

Glen Refrigeration offers Sanyo CRSS compressor, including R404A compressor, R290 compressor, non inverter compressor, variable speed refrigeration compressor. The cooling capacity range includes 1/2 hp refrigeration compressor, 1 hp refrigeration compressor, 1.5 hp refrigeration compressor, 2 hp refrigeration compressor, 2.5 hp refrigeration compressor and 3 hp refrigeration compressor. Applications include upright display chiller and freezer, self contained plug in displays, ice cream display cabinet, cold room, freezer room, walk in cooler, walk in freezer and many other products.

Other Refrigeraton Condenser Units and Evaporators

Glen Refrigeration is committed to be a one-stop-shop of refrigeration compressor, condensing unit and monoblock refrigeration unit for commercial refrigeration. We has proudly served the commercial refrigeration industry with the most customer-focused solutions and innovations. We continuously provide the products, including Sanyo R404A compressor, R290 compressor, variable speed refrigeration compressor, refrigerator condensing unit, horizontal condensing unit, indoor condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit,air cooled condensing unit, water-cooled condensing unit, inverter condensing unit, monoblock refrigeration unit and many other products.

Whether you need standard condensing unit, or a custom refrigeration solution, Glen Refrigeration will be able to cater to your business’ requirements. Our expertise and adaptability is what sets us apart from the crowd, give us a call to talk about the custom refrigeration system needs of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

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